1.   Introduction

This document outlines how Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA) collects, uses, discloses, transfers and stores information about its members to provide and administer NRNA services in and outside Nepal. Membership of the NRNA is personal and only available to persons qualifying as Non-resident Nepalese as per the official definition outlined in the association’s statute.

2.   Statement of Intent

As a registered association in Nepal with subsidiary organizations all around the world, we take our responsibility to safeguard your information very seriously and use your information solely in service of this mission. The goal is to bring a sense of belonging to one big umbrella through service offerings that exclusively cater to the aspirations of diaspora Nepali community.

3.   Validity of Membership

Membership is valid for two years, after a successful verification process. Membership to NRNA means membership of the global organization and relevant subsidiary or affiliated national organizations of NRNs in the country of residence of the member. A single membership card is issued that is valid in both  jurisdictions.

With a valid membership of NRNA, the members enjoy a gateway to a common platform of global Nepali community and can stay connected with Nepal & Nepali Society. Members become part of the network with people having similar interest groups (physical & virtual) and enhance their capacity to negotiate with governments & organizations.

NCCs provide additional services to the members, which allows them to share Knowledge, Skills, Experiences & Initiatives. Members are entitled to use diaspora infrastructure for get together, networking, community services & programs from NRNA HQ and obtain technical, programming & logistical support for their social and philanthropic projects. This included but is not limited to the common platform to be united under NRNA Chautari.

Members enjoy discounts and privileges on products & services from established business houses in Nepal & abroad.

Members can take part in NRNA elections at various levels (Global (ICC), National (NCC) and Local level (SCC/LCC/RCC/Counties- if applicable)

4.   Cancellation of Membership

Cancellation of membership, on any grounds, means that individuals can no longer benefit from associations programs and projects. Membership of all associated tools and systems will terminate with immediate effect after termination of the membership.

4.1 Cancellation through NRNA

In the event of misuse of the membership, damages to the reputation of the association or willful harm caused, NRNA reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the association. Such misuse may include, but not limited to, behavior which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards the association or its partners, criminal actions or actions that are generally regarded to be unethical or contrary to the membership terms and conditions.

4.2 Cancellation by Members

Members can cancel their membership of NRNA with an advanced notice of 3 months. Cancellation must be made in writing and sent to our membership service department.

5.   Collection and Use of Personal Information

5.1  What personal information do we collect?

When a new member registers for membership account through the NRNA membership website, we collect basic information about the members (name, address etc), documentary evidence to verify the identity of the person (passport, citizenship etc), information to contact the members (email, telephone etc) and contact preferences.

Depending on the requirements in the country of residence, the NCC may request additional information from the members in their respective country.

5.2  How do we use your personal information?

We use personal information to help us create, develop, promote, administer and deliver services from the association. From time to time, we may use your personal information to send you important notices, such as changes in our terms, conditions and policies. Because this information is important to your interaction with NRNA, you may not opt out of receiving these communications. We may, with your explicit permission ONLY, use your personal information to keep you posted on announcements and news related to NRNA.

NOTE: We will not provide personal contact information such as your email address, phone number or postal address without your explicit consent to third parties.

5.3 Data protection regulation in NRNA 

Personal information filled on that form will be visible only for authorized person from respective countries NRNA NCC board. Terms and condition for being member in NRNA can be found from here.

There is always a legal basis for the processing of personal data at the NRNA. In the processing and archiving of personal data, the NRNA also complies with data processing practice and data security instructions and good practices. The processing of personal data is monitored and the use of systems that include personal data is tracked.

5.4 Your rights and their enforcement

As a data subject, you have rights related to your own personal data and the processing of them at the NRNA. You have, among other things, the right to know whether your personal data are processed at the NRNA and which data are processed and request access to the data about you. You also have the right to demand a rectification of inaccurate personal data. The rights are enforced in different manners depending on the reason for the processing.

The obligation of collecting personal data is due to membership verification criteria of NRNA You have the right to withdraw the consent that you have given at any time. To verify membership eligibility, you have to provide the necessary personal details, otherwise the service cannot be produced.

5.5 Further information

You can contact NRNA  if you want to know more about the processing of your personal data.


Data protection officer



Subarna Shamsher Marg, Baluwatar, Kathmandu, Nepal P.O.Box 1189

6.   Collection and Use of Non-Personal Information

We also collect information in a form that does not, on its own, allow a direct association with a specific individual. We may collect, use, transfer, share and disclose non-personal information to help us provide and administer the NRNA website, for example:

To help us better understand user behavior and improve user experience, we may collect information about your interactions with various segments of the NRNA Website. To improve our programs, services and communications, we may collect information such as language settings, geographical area, area code and time zone where the NRNA website is being used. If we combine personal information with non-personal information, we will treat the combined information as personal information.

NRNA website may use “cookies”, pixel tags and other web technologies to help us:

·    Understand user behaviour and activity.

·    Save your preferences, which enables us to provide you with a more personalized services.

·    Track and measure the performance of our communication channels, so that we can reach more users like you and increase our impact.

·    Compile aggregate data about website traffic and interactions so that we can keep improving the user experience.

·    Like many other web-based services and programs, we gather some types of information automatically, including Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type and language, internet service provider (ISP), referral or exit websites, operating system and date/time.

7.   Trusted Third Parties

We take the security of your personal information very seriously and take all reasonable steps to ensure your personal information is stored securely and complies with data protection best practices.

We enter into agreements with all of our third party tools and services to ensure that use of your personal information is strictly controlled for the purposes of providing and administering the NRNA only, and that they do not have the right to use or access your information for any use outside the context of NRNA.

8.   Links to Other Sites

We may provide links to third-party websites outside our control or ownership and you are advised to read the Data Usage/Privacy Policy of each website you visit.

9.   Changes

Our Data Usage Policy changes from time to time. We will post any changes in here and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice on our website or by email.

10.    Questions

If you have any questions about our Data Usage Policy, please contact us. Your privacy is important to us and we are always striving to do better.


For NRNA Australia



  • Members must use genuine bank-issued credit cards or cards to pay for the membership fees. No other types cards like gift cards or any other similar cards may be used.
  • Registering or signing up members for the principal purpose of influencing the outcome of the election of candidates for NRNA Australia’s any position, or to inordinately influence the policy of the NRNA Australia. The person or organization who are found to be acting on above grounds, if found by Executive Committee then their membership will be cancelled and on father investigation, if found allegations of fraud and providing false information to NRNA Australia then this criminal activity will be reported to appropriate government agencies.
  • Only make genuine and eligible members. *
  • Only make payment for eligible members. **
  • If terms and condition above is not fulfilled, then membership will be refused, and no refund is applicable. If members are suspected of branch stacking, then the membership of that person or organization is cancelled. If found under further investigation that there has been criminal activity in registering as a member then NRNA Australia will report to the appropriate government agency.
  • abide by the Objectives, Constitution, By-Laws, Guidelines and Policies, Terms of Reference, Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Charter, Rules of Membership, Disciplinary Code and any other Regulations of the NRNA Australia.
  • I will give immediate notice of any change to my registration details to the General Secretary.
  • I agree that this is a non-profit organization limited company and my liability is only 1$.
  • NRNA Australia may check the visa details through VEVO. And you consent the NRNA Australia to check the VEVO.
  • My membership card is not transferable to any other person.
  • I also give permission for the details contained in this form to be entered into the MIS ICC database which will be secure and used only for the purpose of ICC Global. If found that ICC Global has breached, your privacy, NRNA Australia will take necessary actions to solve the situation.
  • I consent to NRNA Australia using my personal information, subject to the NRNA Australia Privacy Policy as amended from time to time.
  • That I consent to NRNA Australia contacting me by means of electronic communications in relation to services and/or promotional material related to NRNA Australia, individual welfare notice and community notice from organizations other than NRNA Australia.
  • I also swear that the information provided in this application is accurate and true at the date of signing or registering and I have read and understood the Membership By-Law - MEMBERSHIP PROCEDURES AND REGISTRATION

Note: * The following are genuine and eligible members:

  • Registered Members

(a)       is a natural person; and

(b)       is of Nepali descent or people of Nepali origin; and

(c)        is at least 18 years old; and

(d)       has resided outside the SAARC Nations for at least 24 months; and

(e)       at the time of application for membership, does not hold an Australian student, visiting, or tourist visa; and

(f)        meets the definition of NRN or PNO in this Constitution.


  • Associate Members

(a)        this type of membership shall be offered to Nepalese international student, individuals or organizations willing to protect the overall interest of

the Association, Nepalese communities in Australia and work in the interest of people of Nepali origin in Australia in any State or Territory but who are not eligible to become Registered Members.

                 **   Only for following the person(s), you make payment by genuine bank-issued credit cards or card. The eligible members may have to show or demonstrate the relationship and in case of close friends, NRNA Australia may request for Statutory Declaration to make it legally binding. If found that the person who made the payment and the person who is to become the registered or associate member is not very close friend or family members described below, then it may be criminal offence of using fraudulent documents, unauthorized documents and providing false information to the NRNA Australia and NRNAA will take appropriate action to person concerned. NRNA Australia has the right to request for more information to be satisfied that it meets the criteria in clause 2 and 5 of the relevant By-Law.

The eligible person that you may make payments for:

(i)  a parent; or

(ii)  a child or stepchild; or

(iii)  a brother, sister, adoptive brother, adoptive sister, step-brother or step-sister; or

(iv)  an aunt, uncle, adoptive aunt, adoptive uncle, step-aunt or step-uncle;

(v)  a nephew, niece, adoptive nephew, adoptive niece, step-nephew or step-niece; or

(vi)  a grandparent;

(vii)  a first cousin or second cousin; or

(viii) close friends and their spouse. The maximum number of close friend’s membership payment done cannot exceed 5 families registered members.